Best tips for playing pool


Society PB in San Diego has 9 pool tables alongside its many other games, and is a great place to kick back and relax on the Pacific Beach. It’s the perfect place to bring your corporate event, birthday party, or other large event due to the convenient ours of the restaurant and bar, as well as the entertainment value of pool.

If you’re pool game needs a little brush up before a big event, here are our 5 favorite tips for improving your game:

Relax Your Grip
A common mistake beginners make is to grip the pool cue too tightly. Although it may seem like gripping the cue will give you more control, it actually does the opposite. Relax your grip and keep it loose and relaxed when you shoot.

Not doing well? Check your posture.
Although there are other things that can change how accurate you are, problems with accuracy usually come down to your posture. Make sure you stance gives you good balance, and that you aren’t kicking the end of the cue up too high.

Your motion should be smooth and fluid when you strike the ball, and shouldn’t be choked up early or rigid from tension. Use a natural stance that feels comfortable to you, and keep your motion relaxed as you play.

Chalk your cue before every shot
The chalk is there to help add traction and avoid your cue sliding off of the ball. Chalk the cue before every shot so that it has the best possible grip before you play. When chalking, make sure you are moving the chalk on your cue, not twisting the cue into the chalk.

Play against better competitors
Wining is fun, and to win you usually have to play against someone who isn’t as good as you. This feels great, but it won’t help you get better at the game. Spend some time playing against better people as well, so you can see what they are doing and learn from their strategy and posture.

You might find you have more fun as you try to respond to the challenge, and if you win it will be that much more impressive compared to a win against a less gifted player.

Don’t hit the ball too hard
A top clue that someone is feeling anxious about the game is how hard they hit the ball. A strong hit will send the ball where you want it to go, but hitting it too hard will cause you to lose control. If you find yourself feeling anxious before your turn, take a moment to relax. It’s not going to end the world if you miss the shot or even lose the game. Games are meant to be fun, so try to keep it that way.

Pool is a popular bar game and is a great way for you to relax with friends or coworkers. If your next event is going to be a pool game, give yourself the best shot at winning with these 5 tips.