Get Back Together at Society PB!


After well over a year of lockdowns, hand sanitizer, and face masks, things are finally getting back to normal. Businesses are slowly opening back up, indoor dining is becoming normal, and we’re at last putting this terrible stretch of the pandemic behind us.

As more people have gotten vaccinated, particularly the vulnerable such as our parents and grandparents, it’s much safer to be together again. After well over a year, you can huge your parents, touch your grandparents, and see your family outside of video calls and shut windows.

During this time, we invite you to get back together with your family again here. There’s nothing better than a family reunion, and it means so much more after such a long stretch of missed family dinners, absent holidays, and the losses many of us experienced.

Tips for planning your family reunion

A family reunion is a special time, even when it isn’t because of a pandemic. It’s worth taking the time to plan the reunion so that everyone can enjoy it. Here’s what you’ll need at the minimum:

• Choose a date
Pick a time that as many family members as possible can attend. While it may not be possible for everyone to get there, by consulting your family members in advance, you’ll have the best opportunity of seeing more family members.
• Choose a venue
This could be as simple as a backyard barbecue, or if you prefer to let others do the cooking, a restaurant or other location. There are pros and cons to home vs. restaurant, but if you start discussing this with your family in advance you’ll have plenty of time to make that decision.
• Do something fun
If you can, plan to do something that everyone enjoys during the reunion. If you have something specific you can do together, such as watching your favorite team win the playoffs, or going for a hike, it can help serve as an icebreaker.
• Send invitations

Once you know what you’re doing, don’t forget to send invitations. These help solidify the date in the minds of your family members, so they’re more likely to remember when the family reunion is.

Family reunions are part of our business
Society PB offers a relaxed atmosphere with tons of TV screens, all your favorite sports, Pool Tables, and so much more. It’s the perfect place for everyone to get together, catch up on what is going on, without feeling uncomfortable or out of place.

We offer shareable food options for parties and get togethers, as well as party packages if you prefer your get together to be a little more private. Our party packages are perfect for guests between 8-30.

We can provide the icebreakers you need to help get a reunion going, something to do for everyone in the family, a venue for your event, and more.
Let us help you make the most of your reunion, because if we’ve learned anything at the close of this pandemic, it’s that family should never be taken for granted.