We have exciting news from Society PB, as of 9/16/2020 we are open once again! We have missed seeing the faces of our customers and spending time with our favorite crowd of people, but we’re so pleased to be back once again.

Society PB will be open 4PM to 10PM Monday through Friday, 12PM-10PM Saturday, and 11AM-10PM on Sunday. We’ll be open at 10AM on Sundays so we’re in time for the Eagles game, so be sure to join us!

Indoor and outdoor dining will be available, but we do have to ask that you obey the rules in order for us to continue operating. The party unfortunately stops if we don’t follow these rules, so we need your help to be able to keep Society PB open.

That means wearing a mask at all times, and listening to the staff. If the staff lets you know about a rule, you need to follow them in order for everyone to continue enjoying Society PB. If we divide up your group, have you sit farther apart, or ask you to secure your mask, please listen. It’s the only way for all of us to enjoy this time together. We know the rules can be a little hard, but it won’t be forever, so please bear with us.

A few things to expect if you’re not used to Post-Covid lock downs yet:

There may be a wait time to get in
As many of you remember we opened for a brief period of time in June before we opted to shut down again. At the time we were allowed to operate at 50% capacity. You can expect the same kind of socially distanced hang out once again, which means there may be a wait to get in.

We ask that you be patient, especially in the first few days. If you feel anything like we do, you’re excited for the chance to get out and get some fresh (Okay, let’s face it kinda smokey) air and see some new faces. That may mean a lot of people trying to visit, which means a possible wait to get in.

Everyone here is still looking forward to seeing you, so please come see us, even if it takes a while to get in~

Immunocompromised? Stay home.
Covid-19 is a potentially deadly disease, and if you are in at-risk categories such as over the age of 60 or are otherwise immunocompromised, you are more in danger of dying than others. With the current fires adding smoke to the air, it’s even more risky. Take care of yourself first, and if you don’t feel safe, don’t come! We’ll still be here when things improve and we’ll be happy to serve you a beer at any time.